WordPress is an amazing tool that can help anyone build their website and manage their website(s) content. Once you have WordPress installed on your domain, you can start writing content and designing your site. Every WordPress site needs a theme, or the look and layout to the site. There’s an abundance of sources out there to buy a WordPress theme for your WordPress site. After you purchase or download your theme, you need to install it to your site. Once you have your WordPress blog or website built, there are tools and scripts you can install that will help enhance your site. These tools are called Plugins. A plugin can be as simple as adding links to your social media sites at the bottom of every page. Plugins can also help you build a fully robust E-commerce website, forum based website or even sell memberships and subscriptions. Geek Street WP can help pick the right theme and plugins to install to your WordPress blog or website.

WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is a group of files inside of a folder that all correspond with each other to make your WordPress website look and function in an incredible way. There are different types of WordPress Themes including a blog, magazine, corporate / business, and service layouts. Which one do you need? Well that depends on the type of site you are trying to build. If you are going to have a website that just features the blog articles and news stories you write yourself, then you might go with a blog or magazine theme. Our staff of Support Experts can help you determine the right theme with all of the features you are going to need.

WordPress Plugins

Your WordPress Theme can do some truly incredible things. Not every theme comes equipped with the right tools, or all of the tools, that you may need to pull off your website. That is where a WordPress Plugins come in handy. A plugin can help you add membership subscriptions to your website, or it may help you take WordPress customer support tickets online.

  • Plugins can help you enhance your site.
  • A plugin can add additional functionality to your WordPress Theme.
  • A plugin can even help you rank higher in SEO results and debug any issues with your website.