A WordPress Multisite is one installation of WordPress that creates a network, several WordPress sites, inside of that main install. A network can be useful to you if you plan on having different looks to multiple sections of your WordPress site. A multisite network can even allow you to hide specific elements of your website from the general public, until a member logs in and purchases a membership. A multisite network is nothing new to the WordPress community.

Installing Multisite

Installing Multisite requires you to add a line of code to one file of the main WordPress Core. After you do that, inside of your dashboard, you will be taken to an area of your WordPress admin panel to configure the rest of your network. So for instance, you can log in to yourdomain.com and manage all of your content. At the same time, you can log in to yourdomain.com and manage blog.yourdomain.com or yourdomain.com/blog with out needing to log in and out of each site every time. GeekStreetWP.com is a series of Multisite networks. Our blog can be found at blog.geekstreetwp.com. We do not log in and out of each site. We simply move inside of the network to update content for each sub site of our main domain.

What’s posisble?

Anything is possible with a network. You instead of uploading all of your media, pictures / documents, to a folder on your server you can upload them to media.yourdomain.com and then reference them inside of your primary domain. From there, you can make that sub site of your primary domain hidden, or not accessible to the general public. You can even test out new designs, or build all of your content before you add it to the live site. Pretty cool huh?

  • Geek Street WP uses a multisite, so we can help you with yours.
  • A multisite helps you differentiate between blog and corporate looks.
  • A multisite uses one Database,