How to delete a theme in WordPress 3.8

Today WordPress 3.8 has been officially launched to the public. There have been some release candidates available for a while now. We’ve been playing around with 3.8 for a while now and already we’re getting support tickets in asking us “How do we delete a theme in WordPress 3.8”? So we’re here to tell you.

The simple answer is this:

Open up the wp-admin panel. Go To Appearances. Go to themes. so you should be on ( Click on the theme you wish to delete, and in the lower right hand corner of the preview, there is a delete button. See the Image below.



If you still are not able to accomplish this task, there is always another way. Connect to your site by using FTP (file transfer protocol). You can browse to WP-Content > Themes > “Theme Name”. Right click on the theme and select delete. You may also contact your hosting provider and ask them to do this for you as well.

How to delete a plugin in WordPress 3.8

When it comes to deleting plugins, We’ve always suggested deactivating the plugin before you delete the files. Now in 3.8 you can not delete the plugin until it’s been deactivated. I think this is a really smart setting.

See the image below.

deactivate a plugin wp3-8

Hope we’ve helped you learn a few things today!