Can Anyone Register To Geek Street WP?

Yes, upon purchasing a membership plan, an account will be automatically created for you. You will also receive your login credentials inside of an email from

Does Geek Street WP Provide WordPress Hosting?

No, Geek Street WP supports current websites running on WordPress Installations that are on your personal hosting account. We do however, recommend Hosting Providers to anyone that is currently looking to purchase WordPress Website Hosting or Switch to a new WordPress Hosting Provider. We can however, help you install and set up WordPress once you have bought your domain and a hosting providers services.

Are All Hosting Providers The Same?

No. Some hosting providers use cPanel to access your hosting account, where some hosting providers have their own unique way of allowing customers to view their hosting account. Today, there are some really amazing 100% WordPress Managed Hosting companies out there that can get you up and running with in minutes.

Will Geek Street WP Ask Me For Personal Information To My WordPress Installation or Hosting Account?

No. Your main login (Administrator Account) is always to be kept secret. If our geeks need to view anything regarding your WordPress site, We will further instruct users on how this process works in a new ticket associated with your Geek Street Account. All information submitted to Geek Street WP is kept private and stored in a secure location. Geek Street WP may ask you to create login credentials specifically for our Geeks, that you can delete at any time.

Does My Site Have To Use WordPress In Order To Be Eligible For Support?

Yes. Geek Street WP does not support websites that are not running on any version of WordPress. We are WordPress Experts, but we do not support .asp, .html, or websites written in .php without the WordPress Content Management System installed.

Are Geek Street WP Memberships Contracts?

No they are not. At anytime, you may cancel your subscription and use up the rest of your time before your account is reduced to a Free Subscriber.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Account?

Yes, At anytime you wish, you may visit your account subscriptions page to cancel a membership, or view the subscriptions page to upgrade to a higher level of support.

What Payment Gateway Can I Purchase A Subscription With?

Currently at this time, Geek Street WP accepts all payments through the PayPal website.

What type of Payment Does Geek Street Accept

Geek Street uses the PayPal gateway to process payments made to Geek Street WP. PayPal has a list of Credit and Debit Card and account types you may use to make a purchase.

What If I Have More Than One WordPress Website On A Single Domain Address Or URL, In A Sub Domain Or Sub Directory? Can I Ask Questions For Any Website Using WordPress?

Each account is tied to one Domain, URL or Website Address. So for example, you can ask a question about,, or If the main domain is not included inside of the domain address or url (, you must have a separate account for another domain address.

If I Close My Account, Downgrade Or Upgrade My Account? Can I Still Access My Support Tickets?

No, upon canceling your account, you will receive by email, a PDF Printable Version of All Tickets submitted during your active account. If you Downgrade or Upgrade your account, your tickets will still be accessible through the support site, but our geeks will no longer provide support to that individual ticket. If you are not able to access a support site, you will receive your PDF Printable Version of your support tickets.

If I Reactivate My Old Account, Am I Able To See My Previous Support Tickets I Have Submitted?

If we are able to recover any tickets you have submitted prior to canceling or reactivating your account, we will do so. Please note: All support tickets are backed up, but if a long period of time has passed, it may not be possible to recover prior tickets.