Our History With WordPress Support

Geek Street was founded in Las Vegas, NV at the Las Vegas WordPress Meet Up Group. One of the organizers decided that there is a simple and easy way to offer support to those who need a quick answer. How many times have you tried to reach out to a “WordPress Expert” only to end up getting a quote, or an email 5 weeks after you asked your questions. By that time you have already scrapped that idea and moved on. Well we are here to tell you that our Geeks are not only experts, but they are current designers and developers that speak and teach WordPress on a daily basis. We have dedicated our time and efforts into explaining the basics on a large scale. There is nothing that we cannot help you with. It’s more than likely that we have used the same plugins that you have currently installed on your WordPress Site. That allows us to explain in detail to you, how you should be installing and configuring your plugins on your site.

Why We Are Different In Every Way

We read our fair share of tutorials and watch all of the videos that try to help you understand how WordPress works. The problem is that most of the videos either describe how to do something on an older version or install of WordPress, Move faster than you can keep up with, or fail to explain in detail what they are clicking on or pressing on their keyboard to achieve the end goal. Not only do we understand all of the video’s and tutorials on using WordPress, but we can help you make sense of WordPress inside and out in clear details with screen shots, instructional videos and printable PDF’s that show you what to press and when. Sounds appealing right?

This Support Thing We Talk A Lot About?

We do not have any of those, try it for 30 days or your money back gimmicks. Our support is unique, genuine and truly authentic in every way. We will not only solve your problems with WordPress, we can help you stay on the right path, and follow all of the current standards that WordPress highly recommends everyday. Yes, there are several ways of doing things when it comes to code, style and basic practices. Our goal is to help you understand the right way of doing things and recognize when a plugin or theme is out of date or behind in the times. Anything Else? Fire your questions!

Miscellaneous Information To Read

Geek Street WP took a good hard look around at the current support that is offered for the Content Management System Known As WordPress. After trying many of the systems out, we found that most of the frequently asked questions are simply about the basics of how to use WordPress. A lot of the tutorials and support forums do provide the answers that you are looking for, they just happen to be written in code, or Geek Speak, and that can be tough for new users that are just getting started with WordPress. Geek Street is dedicated to helping you accomplish your problems, and explain in detail what is being done so the end user will have a better understanding of how WordPress works and why we are suggesting the method to solve your problem.