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  • 100% WordPress Support

    We are Geeks who provide WordPress Support Online to website owners. Our support staff is made up of current WordPress designers and developers that are involved in the WordPress community.

    • Do you need help installing WordPress on your host?
    • Not sure how to change that setting inside the dashboard?
    • Have a plugin causing you headaches?
    • Would it benefit you to have a WordPress consultant?
    • Do you need help Backing Up Your WordPress website?
    • We know you do. It’s going to be OK. We can help!
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  • WP Themes & Plugins

    We can teach you how to use your WordPress website to its fullest potential. Need something extra built into your website, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Our geeks can help you:

    • Create custom post types (CPT’S).
    • Select the right plugin to accomplish your goals.
    • Edit your theme template to incorporate missing information.
    • Install a child theme to make easy changes to your site.
    • Change the CSS (styling) to modify the look of your theme.
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  • Multi-Site & Networks

    WordPress Mutli-Site allows any WordPress admin to create multiple WordPress sites from one installation. Our site and ecosystem is proudly powered by a WordPress Multi-site Network.

    • Need help creating a Multi-site Network?
    • Managing WordPress Multi-site Plugins & Themes?
    • Map entirely new domains to your multisite network.
    • Multi-site Plugins & Themes Management.
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You have WordPress Questions. We have WordPress answers!

Use your theme & plugins, but with our skills and knowledge!

We are not just geeks who understand code and charge money for our knowledge.
We too have personal blogs and websites running on WordPress.
We use the same plugins and themes that you do and that is how are able to help you solve your issue.

Geek Street WP is one of the First 100% WordPress Support Sites Online today. We help anyone with, a WordPress Blog or fully scaled WordPress Site, manage their website and keep it running as efficiently as possible. No matter what skill level you are at with WordPress, We’ll make ya’ better.

Our main purpose for providing support is simple. Our staff went through all of the learning curves and headaches of managing a WordPress site so you don’t have to. We’re here to help anyone improve their WordPress site, and improve their skill sets.

  • WordPress Core Installations & Updates
  • WordPress Back Up’s
  • Theme & Plugin Configurations
  • Theme Template Modifications
  • Multi-site Network Installation & Configuration
  • Page Caching and Speed Optimization
  • Content Delivery Network Configuration
  • Personal WordPress Consultation

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You Can Learn WordPress. It’s Easy!

Our second goal is to help each WordPress user learn the basic of WordPress and get a better understanding of what is possible with the worlds most popular content management system. We want to educate all WordPress users on coding standards set by WordPress, proper use of themes and plugins, and how to use their site efficiently. We can help you improve your WordPress site in every possible way.

The first question our geeks get asked all of the time is “How Do I Find Free WordPress Themes?” To answer the question, you do not really want to use free Themes as a new user to WordPress. Sure, it’s free and that is great. But do you know if there is malicious code written in your theme files? Probably Not. So Geek Street would like to recommend some theme developers, that we know write 100% malicious code-free! We Recommend WordPress.org, WooThemes.com, and Studiopress.com! Also, Check Out Geek Street WP’s Favorite Plugins. You Can Even Watch Geek Street WP’s 2012 Las Vegas WordCamp Presentation Online and Geek Street WP’s 2013 Reno-Tahoe WordCamp Presentation Online.

Thousands need help just like you do.

See how we help out clients take back control of their WordPress website in a few short steps. It only takes a minute and twenty three seconds to hear us out.

We can custom tailor our services to your needs. We can help you manage more than one domain, network of multi-sites and become your personal WordPress consultant for one extremely low fee.

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Why Choose GeekStreetWP.com?

At one point we were in the same position you are in right now. we heard that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world and that our site should be built on WordPress. After visiting a number of tutorial sites and checking out all of the available hosting providers, we just dove in and hoped for the best. Little to find out, we were doing it wrong in every way possible. 7 years later we managed to get a solid grip on this little thing called WordPress Support. If we can do it, we can help you do it.

Does It Help Having WordPress Support From Professionals?

You bet your bottom dollar it does! Our staff is online 24/7 helping customers, just like yourself, improve the performance and functionality of their WordPress sites. We want to help you get back in the drivers seat of your site.

Why are we so passionate about helping others?

Our service was founded by helping members of Local WordPress Meet Up Groups across the country. Every meet up we attended had users asking questions that were specific to their site. We quickly realized that other forms of WordPress Support were slow and lacking documentation. That’s what we are here to do. Provide you with answers.

Do I need to understand code to get WordPress Support?

Not at all. Our geeks can translate code jargon into an easy to understand answer that helps you solve your problems with WordPress. After all, speaking human is our primary language.

Will you write code for me?

Although we can write code with the best of developers, we want to help you learn what is going on with your site. It does not benefit you in anyway if we do the work for you. Some cases may result in our staff walking you through step by step through a live chat to accomplish your task.

I’m still not sure about this WordPress Support thing?

We get that it may seem a bit overwhelming at times when making a decision about whether or not you might need WordPress Support. Sure there are forums and tutorials out there that will help you accomplish any task. The only problem is that as WordPress releases new updates to core, some tutorials become out of date. That leads to your site breaking. Our staff is up to date on all of the coding standards set by WordPress and PHP. We can help you keep your site current with the latest trends in technology.

What People Are Saying About WordPress Support

I could not be any happier with the design and services provided to me by Geek Street. I am not a web designer, nor do I have any experience building websites and writing code, I only have the ideas in my head that I wanted to see put into action. I was nervous about venturing into something I know so little about, and I was concerned about the quality of work. From day one my skepticism quickly vanished because of their solid business practices. Everything was explained in an easy to understand and simple manner. We had daily and weekly reviews, we were able to easily communicate ideas effectively, change direction without problems, and the training I received is invaluable. At any point, when I had questions an expert was available to me via support ticket, chat or phone. The end product is very professional, easy for the end user, and totally amazing! These guys are the real deal! I highly recommend Geek Street WP. Discountfashiondiva.com

Valerie DeJohnette
Founder – DiscountFashionDiva.com